My Writing

May 11, 2024

Hello Everyone,

I love to read and I love to write. Blame my parents. Both were avid readers. My interests gravitate more towards those of my father. He was a freelance writer and wrote both fiction and non-fiction. Like him, I write both. 

I've made LOTS of notes and written partial drafts of various stories over the years, but (as of May 2024), I've only self-published one short story. I have self-published a few short non-fiction books over the years. Topics ranged from Christian devotionals to public speaking to history. They've since been taken down, but I'm working on revising them so they can be re-published in the future.

My vocation (I'm a pastor) makes it tough to carve out the time to write regularly, but I take what little time I can here and there. I plan to increase my writing output in the months and years ahead. 

I'm a big fan of science fiction, fantasy, action, adventure, historical fiction, and inspirational fiction. My self-published short story, The Campfire, is in the latter category.  

I will keep you updated on my sci-fi and fantasy genre progress with this blog.

Thank you.

-Brian Tubbs


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