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December 26, 2018

Hello Everyone,

My father was a freelance writer. He wrote both fiction and non-fiction. Like my Dad, I've nursed a lifelong love of writing (as well as reading). I'm a fan of science fiction, fantasy, action, adventure, and historical fiction. And I hope to write in all those genres. For now, I'm focused on Christian fantasy and the emerging subgenre known as GameLit or LitRPG.

I've made LOTS of notes and written partial drafts of various stories over the years, but haven't (as of December 2018) published any fiction.

My vocation (I'm a pastor) makes it tough to carve out the time to write regularly. Contrary to popular misconception, pastors work more than one day a week. :-)  The truth is that conscientious pastors, especially those serving churches between 50 and 200 members, can find themselves churning out 60-70 hour work weeks on a fairly routine basis. It makes it difficult for us pastors to do much else, especially when one considers that we like to spend at least some time with our families.

I have self-published some short non-fiction books over the years. Topics ranged from Christian devotionals to public speaking to history. They've since been taken down, but I'm working on revising them so they can be re-published in the coming months.

When I do start publishing fiction (hopefully in 2019), you will see mainly short stories and novellas in the beginning as I flesh out the notes and rough drafts I've already written. And as I test the waters of the marketplace. I will also be SELF-publishing my work on Amazon. In the future, I may expand to other outlets. But for 2019, look for my work on Amazon.

I will keep you updated on my progress with this blog.

Thank you.

-Brian Tubbs

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