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A Gamer is Whisked to a Faraway World That Functions Like a Game: My Review of Apollos Thorne's LitRPG Book Level Up or Die

A young (and hungry) gamer named Elorion wraps up a virtual reality gaming sesssion. Yet as soon as he logs off and disconnects from the game, he sees a mystical creature - an imp - hovering in front of him. In the real world. In a matter of moments, the imp whisks Elorion from his home to an alternate faraway world that operates like a role-playing game. Elorion soon realizes he is one of 20 students kidnapped and enslaved by a thousand year old succubus. Elorion's nightmarish adventure is set in an underground fantasy kingdom ruled by a ruthless succubus, who simply wants to feed off their energy. Gifted with magic, Elorion is told he must... Level Up or Die! Underground - Level Up or Die is the first in a series that's part of the LitRPG or GameLit genre. Elorion battles monsters, levels up, develops new abilities and spells, and carefully pursues a min/max strategy to prepare for an upcoming battle he knows is coming. And hopefully to get strong enough that he c