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Why I Love Watching, Reading, and Writing Fantasy & Science Fiction: Blame my Father

Most of you know me as a Christian and as a pastor, but not all of you know that I'm a fan of fantasy and science fiction . You can blame my father for that. As I write this, we’re heading into Father’s Day Weekend 2018. And I’m thinking of my late father, Edward Tubbs. One of the many things we did as a father and son was come up with stories together and create our own games. We both loved history, science fiction, and fantasy. And I have many fond memories dreaming up various story ideas and making up our own games - and then playing them. In one particular game, we had medieval soldiers, castles, dragons, and wizards. I remember it well. We’d dream up the rules, play out our game to see if the rules worked, and tweak things as we went along. And on a least a couple occasions, when I’d start winning, Dad would want to change the rules. :-). My dad raised me to believe in God, love Jesus, and respect the Bible as God’s word. And it frankly irritates me that some Christia